About MEMS and Sensors Blog

MEMS and Sensors Blog is the official blog of MEMS & Sensors Industry Group™ (MSIG) focused on the commercial MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and sensors industry. We feature industry analysis, news from MEMS and sensors industry events and general information about all things MEMS.

Submission Guidelines for MEMS and Sensors Blog

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please review our guest blogger guidelines and submit a sentence or two to MSIG PR describing the focus of your blog. We will review your abstract and get back to you with comments/questions.

Please note that all content contributed to MEMS and Sensors Blog must be original and cannot have appeared previously in another online outlet unless written permission for republishing has been granted; if this is the case, prospective contributors must forward a copy of this documentation to MSIG PR.

SEND US YOUR ABSTRACT TODAY: Email your 1-2 sentences of your blog topic to MSIG PR for review. And please remember to send finished submissions in Microsoft Word format (no PDFs, please).

MEMS and Sensors Blog Contributor Guidelines

Blogs should be 300-700 words in length. They must be topical in nature–rather than product-focused. They should interest MEMS/sensors suppliers and/or OEM end-users/embedded systems integrators. Examples include:

  • Process technologies
  • Wafer level bonding
  • Lithography
  • Advanced materials
  • Internet of Things
  • Wearables
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Smart Home
  • Fab-less/Fablite
  • Advanced materials
  • Standardization
  • MEMS/sensors in automotive
  • BioMEMS
  • MEMS/sensors in consumer electronics
  • MEMS/sensors in mobile & wireless
  • MEMS/sensors in industrial
  • MEMS/sensors in communications infrastructure
  • MEMS/sensors in energy

In addition to your amazing and educational content, your blog may include:

  • An application or technology photo as a 300 dpi jpeg
  • A short video clip

For Submissions or Questions, email MSIG PR

Information contained on this website does not necessarily reflect the views of the MSIG staff or any MEMS & Sensors Industry Group™ member companies.

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group™ (MSIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets.

MEMS and sensors are integral to billions of electronic devices. From the smartphone to the smart living room, MEMS and sensors are the essential enabling components that allow us to experience the world around us in fundamentally new ways. More than 180 companies and industry partners comprise MSIG. View our full member list!


  • MSIG Connects the MEMS and sensors supply chain
  • MSIG Champions near-term commercialization of MEMS and sensors in established and emerging markets
  • MSIG Challenges thought leaders to visualize long-term growth opportunities of MEMS and sensors – in ways that will improve quality of life on Earth
  • MSIG Collaborates with partner organizations to improve standardization and open-source solutions


As the “go-to” resource for globally linking the MEMS and sensors supply chain to diverse markets, MSIG helps companies in and around the MEMS and sensors industry to make meaningful business connections and informed decisions. Device manufacturers, software providers, consultants, materials and equipment suppliers, foundry partners, market analysts, OEMs, integrators and end-users all plug into the MSIG network to form alliances that will move their businesses forward.

MSIG also supports the TSensors™ Vision, a transformational movement in the global technology world. The concept is to take the Internet of Things (IoT) and then apply related emerging technology to tackle four central global problems: world hunger, pollution (air and water), clean energy and health care (mHealth).

MSIG membership features a number of exclusive benefits:

  • Access to the entire MSIG member network, which includes key players across the MEMS and sensors supply chain
  • Admission to a neutral forum for discussing the challenges remaining in MEMS and sensors commercialization, such as standardization
  • Speaking opportunities at influential industry events throughout the year and around the globe at numerous partner and MSIG conferences
  • Members-only Resource Library that includes MSIG research, presentations from MSIG and partner events, white papers, webinar presentations, and more
  • Discounts on conferences and exhibitions as well as on industry research
  • Volunteer working groups that provide exceptional networking and leadership opportunities
  • Joint PR and marketing activities
  • Webinars on both technical and business topics relevant to the MEMS and sensors industry — at no cost to members
  • Free listing in MEMS & Sensors Marketplace

MSIG also offers the following exciting programs and events:

    • MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress™ is THE annual conference and networking event of the MEMS and sensors industry.
    • MEMS & Sensors Industry Group™ Conference Asia is an international business conference with a focus on exploring the ways in which MEMS and sensors are driving the Internet of Things.
    • MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress (Europe) — MSIG’s annual flagship business conference and networking event in Europe.
    • MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress – MSIG’s annual technical conference addressing technical issues impeding commercialization via intimate working groups
    • MEMS Education Series® is a series of technical and business webinars on topics that help companies in the MEMS and sensors supply chain to stay ahead of the game.