Cool consumer products made possible by MEMS/Sensors

Contributed by MicroVision, Inc. (January 3, 2017)

We live in an always-on world, and thanks to the myriad of MEMS and sensors in a myriad of products today, we are granted unrestricted access to the technologies that amplify and simplify our daily lives. MEMS-mirror based Laser Beam Scanning solutions, such as those enabled by MicroVision’s PicoP® scanning technology, can offer projected display and interactivity capabilities that could turn today’s technologies into tomorrow’s innovations.

Take for instance the smart home assistant – a device that is part of a market expected to reach more than $30 billion and a household penetration rate of over 60% by 2021*. In the future, we could see these hubs responding to more than just our voices, but also our hand gestures.

This dream can be made into reality with MEMS-based 3D depth sensing solutions that let devices “see” the environment in three dimensions. Imagine touchless gesture capabilities in smart home applications like speakers, light fixtures, security alarms, or even robot assistants and other artificial intelligence devices. When combining gesture recognition technology with a projected display, products can boast a natural user interface that eliminates the need for a screen while offering the user extreme portability.

The integration of these functionalities helps to facilitate the seamless immersion of the latest technological advancements into our everyday lives.

The same types of features can also be deployed in commercial settings. Virtual touchscreens in scenarios such as restaurants could streamline the dining process – while adding some fun: picture the menu being projected directly onto the table for you to select your meal and pay the bill, or interactive games and educational puzzles available on demand to entertain the younger ones at the table while waiting for the food delivery.

Here’s a further look into how MEMS-based Laser Beam Scanning solutions can enable some pretty cool products:

Demand for small and low cost 3D depth sensing solutions is growing rapidly, with the global 3D sensor market estimated to grow to $5.46B in 2022 at a CAGR of 26.5%**. Innovation is always on the horizon and we are excited to see how MEMS and sensors will play a role wowing us.