2017 CES – Deep Thoughts by Karen Lightman

CES – it’s the show I love to hate. I love it because there is no show on earth that comes close to it! Where else can you be with 150,000 of the biggest (and smallest) players in electronics? I hate it because I can’t bear to miss it, and it messes with my ability to fully unplug over the holidays.

But seriously it’s a MUST ATTEND event for me and colleagues in/around the MEMS and sensors industry (MEMS & Sensors Industry Group). For 2017 CES I am looking forward to a lot of things and they include MSIG’s Member Pavilion in the Smart Home area of  the Sands Convention Center (booth 40736!) – where the MSIG staff and I will be prosthelytizing the competitive benefits of using MEMS and sensors.  I hope to see you there too – especially if you’re looking for new ways to innovate! Just remember to wear your comfy shoes (I wear my reliable and oh-so-comfortable Dansko clogs!).

My list of favorite things continues and also includes the MSIG one-day conference “MEMS & Sensors: Personalizing Consumer Technology” at the Venetian Level 4, Marcello 4501 on January 5 (register now!):

  • Kent Novak, Senior VP and General Manager, DLP Products at Texas Instruments sharing TI’s latest and greatest in MEMS displays in homes, vehicles and wearable devices
  • One of my dearest and oldest friends in the business, Cleopatra Cabuz, CTO of Honeywell Life Safety will share a Honeywell/Intel case study on Reducing Workplace Injury & Increasing Productivity
  • Two great presentations on wearables – one with Steven LeBouef, CEO Valencell and another with Wisewear CEO and Founder, Jerry Wilmink
  • The panel some of the biggest C-level folks in MEMS and sensors will discuss where Consumer Electronics are taking the sensors industry
  • Something that my kids are hoping I’ll put under the Christmas tree (sorry – not this year): Jack McCauley’s presentation on “Virtual Reality Head Tracking Sans Motion Sickness”
  • I live in the great city of Pittsburgh and while are aren’t the “Steel City” of yesteryear, air quality is still really important to me and my family – that’s why I am looking forward to the Libelium presentation on “Real Solutions for IoT and Smart Cities” using wireless sensor networks
  • Machine Learning is a big deal and that’s why we’re including it in our conference, compliments of Qualcomm’s Jeff Gehlhaar
  • Last but certainly not least is Josh Knauer of Rhiza, who is coming to CES for the first time to share with us his expertise on data analytics and what secrets for MEMS and sensors it can reveal

Bottom line – CES 2017 portends to be the greatest show on earth and certainly one of the largest. I hope to see you there and give me a shout out if you’d like to set up a meeting – we’ll have coffee brewing all day at the MSIG Pavilion, I’ll keep a cuppa just for you. J