Semi Comes to Silicon Valley

Once a year, the semiconductor industry returns to its roots when Semicon West holds its annual tradeshow in Moscone Center in July. This year, Sensors Expo – another perennial destination for the “More than Moore” community – held its annual show in San Jose. Concurrent with the Semicon West show was Shape, a major IoT and Wearable show hosted by AT&T (and held at AT&T Park.) Look at the entire year’s calendar and the Bay Area looks like a field of tornados for sensors, wearables, hardware incubators, conferences and innovation. And the interest in IoT and Wearable Electronics is not limited to Silicon Valley – a huge amount of interest was palpable for what is going on in the China ecosystem and startup environment, and SITRI was glad to be able to talk about these trends, initiatives and future outlook.

These shows are also a great opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues across the industry, and learn about the progress being made in all segments. We were glad to see the interest in SITRI’s progress as well — our Silicon Valley office up and running, startup teams using our space to grow their business, the growing portfolio of resources and services that SITRI has available, and the progress on our “More than Moore” fab as a key element for new silicon technology development, integration and ramp to production across MEMS, sensors, RF, power, opto and more.

Peter Himes at Semicon West 2016

Peter Himes speaks at Semicon West on the state of China’s IoT ecosystem at the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group’s Advanced Manufacturing Forum. The major theme of his talk was on the need to address the complete IoT value stack in order to nurture an effective ecosystem, and how the resources SITRI is establishing can serve the interests of the global MEMS and Sensor industry. Other speakers included Yole Developpement on the future of integrated sensors; AMFitzgerald & Associates discussing new MEMS technologies on the horizon; MCube on advances in processing and packaging to shrink footprint without sacrificing performance; and ams and Bosch Sensortec on their expanding capabilities in sensor technologies and how applications guide solutions.